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You Can’t Have It All

YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL But you can have two hungry dogs, restless and pestering for bowls of kibble, teeth gnashing, playful wrestling, and finally the blissed out crunching, water lapping.  A blurred line between animal and human, endless battles for space on the… Continue Reading “You Can’t Have It All”

Journey into Herbalism

How did it all begin? Moving away from the world I knew to a life I only dreamed of, romanticized, and idealized was the first step. After more and more faith-led steps, giant leaps and becoming entirely airborne, ungrounded, and not exactly sure how… Continue Reading “Journey into Herbalism”

A vacation in Cayman

This March, we got away from Robinwood!! The thick of the winter took its toll, so we snuck away for 10 days to a different kind of paradise. We were lucky enough to be the spoiled guests of my dear high school friends, Dave… Continue Reading “A vacation in Cayman”

Top photos of 2019

I take so many photos, and some of them capture magic, capture my heart, or capture a moment so perfectly, that they become favourites. In my idea to make a compilation of these, it was going to be a Top 10 list, but it… Continue Reading “Top photos of 2019”

Thanksgiving 2019

Do you know me? Do you know how I’ve waited my whole life for this kind of love? This deep breath, whole heart, so strong, so vulnerable, so interesting and so safe kind of love? This growing, changing, never *really* doubting kind of love?… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving 2019”

Wishes for my baby, on his first Birthday

May your childhood be long and glorious May all your adventures be great May you do everything your heart desires Before it gets too late May you know your true belonging And never feel alone May you always love the colour green May it… Continue Reading “Wishes for my baby, on his first Birthday”

The Chronicles of the Robin Witch

I I live in secret meadow surrounded by trees. The branches pull me into their being. I sleep with my windows open. The wild air blows into my dreams. Every night, and Every morning I light a cooking fire, A warming fire, A medicine… Continue Reading “The Chronicles of the Robin Witch”

Studio Bus

A selection of photos of the studio bus, and the art that has happened within…

The Cabin

Our tiny little house way up high in the trees, looking out over the meadow…