Top photos of 2019

I take so many photos, and some of them capture magic, capture my heart, or capture a moment so perfectly, that they become favourites. In my idea to make a compilation of these, it was going to be a Top 10 list, but it turns out, I have waaay more 2019 favourites than that. I’ve pared it down to Top 25.

1. This tiny little person, climbing into his ‘playroom’.  His wool vest, his wool slippers, his little blue corduroy pants. We are so lucky to have this magic school bus parked so near to the garden, where we can play, nap, and just get out of the cabin once in a while.



2. Hitching a ride with the garden harvest, two-fisting the tomatoes. This is the greatest gift of gardening. Duggy not missing a moment, waiting for his hand-outs.



3. The love between these two souls is the strongest kind of love there is.



4. In black and white, there is something epic about this photo. A mysterious story in the furrowed brow, the blind love in mumma’s kisses.



5. Before he could walk, this boy wanted to climb. Pulling his tiny lil body up the back of the chair, always moving, exploring, reaching up up up…



6. He couldn’t quite stand on his own at this point, but this photo says otherwise. He was practicing balance, and the camera clicked at the right moment, we are in our very special spot, the light is magic, the forest so alive and Duggy, always sitting by.



7. Tri-colour September harvest! Such beauty in abundance, don’t you think? Can’t you just taste the juicy sweetness? The burst of fresh-from-the-garden deliciousness?



8. And more beauty of summertime. berry picking love forever.



9. This look, this garden baby with his bonnet… I can’t even…



10. Maybe this is a biased pick, maybe it’s a photo for a mumma to love best, but this adorable sweet baby, sleeping with his favourite little black piggy clutched in his tiny hand goes straight to my heart. I could stare at his angel face forever.



11.This one captures not just a moment, but a whole summer of watching Byron build our house, a little nakie bum, blankets and baby toys scattered in the shade.



12. A pensive consideration of PB&J. This guy has taken slowly, independently, and stubbornly to solid foods. No baby mush for this dude.



13. Home. Colorful, magical, tiny little home. Simple life, simple pleasures, and laundry.



14.Oh mother Robin, a nest so low to the ground, a nest I could peer right into, so trusting, and so vulnerable. This made my eyes well up with tears.



15. A barred owl!! Oh how I love my big camera lens!



16. Do you think this will embarrass him when he’s older?



17. A head like a peach, a look that says a thousand uncertain words. And the grass, oh my god.



18. It’s all about angles with a 4 month old. This sad little monkey-elf blob, is the same boy as the next photo, taken on the same day even!



19. Life. Happiness. So frickin pure. IMG_2208


20. The alders. The misty cool magical alder grove. Looks endless. It’s really not.



21. And this moment, this snow day scene. These are the cozy moments and the days that are treasured so deeply in all the cells my heart.



22. There’s a world of magic in every book. Look how the light seems to come right out of the book itself. And the book they are reading?!! I don’t set this stuff up, people! This is real life.



23. This one could be the winner, for me I think. Out of all of them, this face, this delight, joy, innocence and sweet mischief. This sparkle. This is my boy. This is my heart.



24. This was Arrowynn’s first Halloween costume, and he was the perfect adorable puppy dog.


25. And, this HILARIOUS photo shoot, with my little Gino. I couldn’t pick just one photo from this set, so here are 6. LOL

Thanks for indulging me, and having a look at my faves of this year!!! What are your top picks?

3 Comments on “Top photos of 2019

  1. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring photography!!! Thank you for sharing a sliver of photos from your lovely life I so enjoyed scrolling through them and smiling…giggling and feeling delight.

  2. My favorites:
    1 is this little guy just atruckin’ along with life
    6 is a true secret garden feeling
    20 a feeling of mystery..what is behind the wall
    23 pure joy and wonderment

    I love them all.

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