Thanksgiving 2019

Do you know me? Do you know how I’ve waited my whole life for this kind of love? This deep breath, whole heart, so strong, so vulnerable, so interesting and so safe kind of love? This growing, changing, never *really* doubting kind of love? This laughing dancing, hugging, family making love. This is it, you guys, my time has come. Our time has come.

I’ve rested in these loving arms for quite a while now, but I can honestly say this was the happiest of Thanksgivings yet. He cooked a beautiful feast for me, my dad, and Arrowynn. We sat down to dinner, we began our toasts of gratitude.  He said I feel like I’ve loved you my whole life. Everything turned into a blur. He said, this is long over due. I was crying. He said, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Swimming. Rachel, he said,  Will you marry me? I said of course.  Of course. Of course. Of course.


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  1. Oh my God!!!! Bob and I are both crying. We are beyond happy for you, my sweet sweet girl. Your love has been rewarded with it’s match.

  2. Oh my God! Bob and I are both crying. We are beyond happy for you, my sweet sweet Rachel. Your love has been rewarded with its match.

  3. As a witness to this momentous event in the life of my beautiful daughter, I could not help tears coming to my eyes. Rachel had experienced disappointments in her search for a loving husband but she never lost her faith that ‘Mr. Right’ would come along. She stayed true to her self and her values until her prayers were answered. For a father to know that another set of broad shoulders will share in the protection of his precious daughter is a comfort of immense value. May the futures of Rachel, Byron and Arrowynn be blessed with every happiness possible.

    • Byron & Rachel,

      The tears of joy are flowing here, as well.
      We, Len & I are more than excited about these news!! We have been waiting to hear this, realizing that our son had fallen “head over heels” with his beloved Rachel quite some time ago already!!
      As parents, you always want what’s best for your children, no matter how young or old they are!!
      We have seen for some time already that this day would be coming – I’m so glad it has!!
      Rachel, we accept you as a daughter, and have thought of you as a daughter for a long time already. We accept you, and pray that we will be the best ever of (in- laws!!)
      When Nolan got married, I remember telling Margaret at their reception that she would always be thought of as a daughter to us. The in-law part didnt apply there & not here either. We love you beyond words & accept you as a wonderful daughter. Our family will be blessed having you a part of us.
      What can we say about that amazing grandson – Arrowynn! He has stolen our hearts, our love & our bragging rights.
      God Bless the 3 of you, in this wonderful institution of marriage, designed & created by God himself!!

      Love you forever!!
      Mom & Dad Andres

  4. RACHEL!!! Leaky eyes on cue over here!!!! SOOO beyond thrilled for you three!! Thank you for sharing this lovely story! Happy Happy days!!!

  5. Congratulations Sweet Rachel. You deserve Mr. Right. You look so much like your Mom in that photo, made me cry with happiness for you. Penny B

  6. Oh goodness! Oh my gushing heart, my eyes are crying and my heart is so very, incredibly happy for all of you!
    What a celebration!!!
    Love, love, love!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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