Robinwood is an idyllic 40 acres tucked away in the secluded yet expansive privacy of the a northern Vancouver Island river valley woodland. It is full of potential in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Along its southern border runs the beautiful Salmon River. In the middle of the property there is a meadow, which has a deep and rich soil base from years and years of floods. Around the meadow is a forest thick with giant Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock, Red Cedar, Alder, Cottonwood, Maples, and Balsam Fir. It had been logged a while back, but along the river the trees are massive.

Where it had been logged in the past, the forest is regenerating quickly.  There are meandering patches of sunny spots, openness, and light within the trees. There is a network of paths that lead through groves of blackberries, salmonberries, maples, alder, and mossy conifers.

The central meadow is about 5 acres in size, almost totally round, and somehow magically symmetrical to the 4 cardinal points. When you are standing at the north side of the field, looking south, you are looking at a mountain which is framed with balance by the trees below. The same thing goes for the view from the south side of the meadow, looking north. You look straight a Mt. H’Kusam, and below the spruce seem to frame it equally on both sides. This symmetry, as well as a sonic phenomenon where we hear distant sounds in the valley as if they were right there, and the way the Milky Way cuts across the night sky just perfectly from mountain to mountain, gives you the sense that you are at the centre of something huge.

This is Robinwood -named for the enormous flocks of robins that descend and reside here for the spring and summer, filling the meadow and forests around with the cheerful and hopeful sounds of robin song. Every morning as the light breaks, there is a welcoming morning cacophony of song birds abound. We are all small here, and powerful just the same. This family of creatures extends to the elk, bears, eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, salmon, toads, frogs, herons, raccoons, beavers, otters, mink, martin, squirrels, mice, deer, snake, raven, and the darling, departed forest horses, who will be here in spirit always. We are all here together.

Robinwood is a retreat destination, a getaway spot, a place to heal and recenter, and a farm. We are growing food, herbs, and medicine, foraging the woods, and replenishing the world with goodness derived from healthy and abundant river valley soil, and clean forest air. Off the grid, and in the wild.



Robinwood Farm is owned and operated by Rachel and Byron, the loyal dogs; Doug and Elly May, and their newly arrived little baby Arrowynn, sent down from the stars above.

All inquiries, orders, reservations, rentals, or project ideas should be directed to: rachel@shynessandbloom.com