Month: October 2015

Mt H’Kusam

Looking almost directly north, Mt H’Kusam towers over the meadow. Perfectly framed but the giant Sitka Spruce, it is hard not to focus on this incredible mountain view, and watch it change in all the different light and seasons. And Mt. H’Kusam has many stories. In my… Continue Reading “Mt H’Kusam”

Elk Land

The elk is a majestic forest ghost. They are always there, but rarely seen. I can wake up in the morning and see fresh droppings 10 feet away from my door. There are always fresh prints in the mud and sand. They have carved trails through our… Continue Reading “Elk Land”

White River Provincial Park

My friend and neighbour Dave is a retired logger. He has been a great wealth of local Sayward Valley intel; weather predictions, wildlife sightings, gravel sources, and is always willing to help with our big jobs, like fixing the road, lifting beams, moving the bus, and digging… Continue Reading “White River Provincial Park”

Salmon River Spawning

Robinwood is on the Salmon River. At this time of year as the salmon are spawning, and with  the unmistakeable aroma that goes along with that, the river feels more alive and connected than ever. I was down at the beach a few days ago and… Continue Reading “Salmon River Spawning”