Wishes for my baby, on his first Birthday

May your childhood be long and glorious
May all your adventures be great
May you do everything your heart desires
Before it gets too late

May you know your true belonging
And never feel alone
May you always love the colour green
May it make you think of home

May you jump in rivers, lakes and seas
And let the sunshine dry your skin
May you know when things don’t work out right,
You can always try again

May your feet be firmly planted
To the earth below
May you live a life of wonder
May you always learn and grow

May you truly be connected
To the stars above
May your heart be brave and unguarded
And open to all kinds of love

May you see the true potential
In every little seed
May you always find abundance
But take only what you need

May you look upon the forest
As if it were your home
And may you feel a deep reverence
For the wild unknown

May you tend a happy garden
And be sure to get a dog
May you know that kind of kinship
May you have that kind of bond

May you see the intrinsic beauty
In the tiniest of things
May you find genuine acceptance
For whatever life may bring

May you look into an animals eyes
And see it’s precious soul
And may you love it’s life so much,
You’ll bravely let it go

May you live a life of passion
Never waste a day
May you work hard at jobs that matter
But make lots of time to play

May you learn the language of birds
And hear the voice of trees
May you know the natural medicine
In all the common weeds

May you trust you’ve got the answers
Deep inside of you
If you listen closely,
You’ll know what to do

May you never live a day
Without knowing how important you are
How much your family loves you
Like the sun and moon and stars

But if there’s only one thing I can wish for you
This is my greatest wish of all,
My darling may you love your life,
May you love your life, if that’s all



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