Before Robinwood became my greatest work, I spent my years working with kids, teaching art, and writing and illustrating children’s books.

“Sleepy Lion Lullaby” and “An Ocean of Love” are by far the most popular sellers, and I can tell you, they were made with love, trust, and reverence for this beautiful world and the expansive universe beyond.

“Did You Come Down From The Stars” is my latest one, and was written for my boy. An imaginative journey of wondering how I got so lucky, and where in the universe he possibly came from.

I have more books up my sleeve. I have been making books since I was a kid, and some are very special…I just know it. If you are inclined to move and shake things up, to wiggle those stars up there a little brighter, to shine some magic down on us, maybe you and I can work together to get these books out into the world. I would love to work with a publisher or an agent. But, look at the rest of my website and you’ll see how I spend my time. Always making, always dreaming, always doing dishes, picking up toys, pulling weeds, and sweeping floors, every day of my life.

I hope you enjoy reading these books, and most importantly, I hope the children you read to also enjoy them. I hope that they come to know their importance and perfect place in this world, and have cozy nights and sweet sweet dreams.

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