A vacation in Cayman

This March, we got away from Robinwood!! The thick of the winter took its toll, so we snuck away for 10 days to a different kind of paradise. We were lucky enough to be the spoiled guests of my dear high school friends, Dave and Michelle who are both talented designers and down to earth really good humans living in the Caribbean. Lots of laughs, great food, awesome company, fun in the sun (and the shade), and ohhhh it was so nice and warm!!! The ferrel chickens and roosters, the parrots and grackles, the super swift little lizards, and that one night when a scorpion crossed in front of me, as I was taking Arrowynn to bed. (We captured it, honoured it, and decided it’s fate… what else? leave it to wander the suite where little feet were pitter pattering??) and the only thing missing was a chance to take photos of the underwater world that we explored almost every day. We swam with a sea turtle and stingrays and tarpins and parrot fish, needle fish, barracuda, ocean trigger fish, angel fish, cera, box puffers, grouper, barjacks and many more colourful and beautiful fish.

We came home under the wire as the pandemic started to explode, and are all healthy and happy to be home in this secluded paradise of our own. I’ve been since busy expanding our garden, and Byron continues to work away at the house. In these uncertain times, we certainly have a lot to do. Much love.


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  1. Thanks for these beautiful photos. It was nice to see something positive and calm when the world is in such chaos. I was to go home to see my family in Japan in May, but obviously it’s not happening, and I have been feeling so “alone”. Being alone physically have never affected me this much in the past. Anyways, it is what it is. All I can do is to do my part to fight this virus and hope for the best. Thank you, Rachel for the uplifting photos.

  2. Stunning photos & Divine Timing ~ couldn’t have planned it any better! I have a cousin living in Grand Cayman & we visited (my 2 sisters & I) in 2006-ish I’m guessing, ( a while after the big hurricane hit), gorgeous Island ~ Rum Point was my fave, shallow warm beach that went out for miles. 💎💙🌀🌊🩴🏝️

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