Children’s Books

Before Robinwood became my greatest work, I spent my years working with kids, teaching art, and writing and illustrating children’s books.

Sleepy Lion Lullaby, and An Ocean of Love were made with love, trust, and reverence for this beautiful world and the expansive universe beyond. I hope you enjoy reading these books, and most importantly, I hope the children you read to also enjoy the words and pictures and know their importance and perfect place in this world, and have cozy nights and sweet sweet dreams.

Sleepy Lion Lullaby

Sleepy Lion Lullaby is a bedtime book about animals, outer space, and the places we all go when we fall asleep. In 14 soothing verses and illustrations, animals are connected to the reader in delicate descriptions of our shared dream space and collective reverence for the magic in the universe.


An Ocean of Love

An Ocean of Love is another soothing bedtime book with astounding pictures that capture the magic of some of the west coast marine wildlife of British Columbia. With beautiful verses that describe our place within and connection to the natural world, this book is sure to mesmerize people of all ages.