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A tincture is just a fancy name for an infusion of aromatic, flavourful, nourishing and medicinal herbs in alcohol.

Some herbs transform into potent bitters, some can be mildly sedative or deeply soothing for the nervous system. Some are anti-microbial, and some can just be utterly magical to you.

This is a set of 12 of my favourite tinctures, all of which come from my garden here at Robinwood; an invitation to enliven your senses with the essences of these potent herbs, feel them on your tongue and in your body. Maybe you’ll fall in love, maybe you’ll be surprised, maybe you’ll start making tinctures of your very own.

A few drops under your tongue are all you need to feel the effects.

This set includes Ashwagandha, Milky Oats, Elecampane, Lemon Balm, Mugwort, Motherwort, Echinacea, Valerian, Usnea, St. John’s Wort, Wild Bergamot, Tulsi

Consult your doctor before trying new herbs, as each herb can affect us all differently. Some herbs might interact with medications, or be contraindicated for certain conditions. Learn all you can!


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