Sleep and dream


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This is a gift box for anyone who struggles with sleep. Adding a tea ritual before bed in of itself can be helpful, and the specific blend here will promote deep relaxation and tranquility.

I have loaded the Dream Tea blend with wild mint, harvested from our river’s edge. Tulsi, Catnip, and California Poppy from the garden, and just a dash of Mugwort to enliven your dream world.

The Sleep Well Tincture is a favourite of many. This is one tincture that I get asked to make over and over again. It’s bitter, potent, and very effective. Just a few droppers-full, on your tongue when you are tossing and turning and your mind is reeling with activity in the wee hours will bring a gentle calming and let you finally drift off to sleep.

And here’s something cool. Add a couple other items or tinctures to the box for no extra shipping costs!




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