Rising Woman Bitters





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Rising Woman Bitters

Elecampane for she who spills her rooted beauty

her earthy floral essence,

with every footstep she takes on this Earth.


Yarrow for her wildness,

and the softness of summers,

heads resting in the lush green grass.


Lavender for gentleness.

For loving, and caring,

taking time, nurturing oneself.


Sage for her wisdom,

The body connected to the mind.

The fullness of being alive, that bone-deep,

soul-deep mindfulness.


Mugwort for the dreamers,

the creative wondering minds.

The meaning making, ever growing,

enchanted beings of this earth.


Motherwort; a mother’s love.

A mother’s reassuring, grounding, unconditional love..

The Earth is your mother.

And she loves you and holds you dear.


And Tulsi for the spirit running through you veins.

For the fluid magic of life

For the complex and spicy and sweet and fierce

For the sacred feminine-

You are enough, you are divine.



Working with Bitters:

Bitters can be taken right before meals to help stimulate digestion by placing a dropperful on or under the tongue.

You can also add these bitters to cocktails, mocktails, or simply to some sparkling water.


These herbs are the ones with pungent fragrance. They help with movement, releasing stagnation and heaviness, and impart a general sense of lightening.

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