Moment of Grace


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Do you have my kind of indulgent fantasies? You know, like more space to think? Unhindered movement about your day? Windows at least, of pure autonomy?

Are your daily chores and encumbrances making you dream? Wishing you had a moment to dream? Trying to remember what it felt like to dream? Googling “Dream”?

Well my friend, this is just the tea for curling up with a good book, or opening your paints, or drawing a bath, or heading over to a good friend’s house for a break. It’s for girl time, me time, soul time, spirit time, and anchoring. It’s loveliness. It’s what I needed, and it’s the medicine I made for just that. Sweet, minty, spice, lavender, licorice. Balancing, restoring, indulging a dream.

Anise Hyssop



Self Heal

Red Clover

Bachelor Buttons


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