Did You Come Down From the Stars?




This one is special. I made a book for my boy. And for you, you mummas, you papas, you stardust beings. For those of you who hold reverence in your heart, for the beauty and magic of life, for the wild unknown and the mystery of the universe, the serendipity and miracle of the child in your arms, this one’s for you.

It’s not like I plan it, that the last four children’s books I’ve made are space themed. I just go with my whims, and I guess I’m pretty whimsical. I tried water-colour for the first time here, and it’s not wowza or anything, but I didn’t need it to be. I just needed to make my boy a book of his own, and when I ask him if he came down from the stars, he squishes his little face into a smile and nods, “mm-hmm”.


40 pages, 8″x10″ full colour


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Dimensions 8 × .25 × 10 cm


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