Winter Warrior


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This one has got spice. It warming, tingling, slightly sweet and soothing. And delicious. AND it’s got immune boosting, anti-microbial properties, and vitamin C. This is your ally when you are run down, trust me.

I was thinking of calling it, “What’s coming on here?” which is something my little guy used to say all the time; his twist on “What’s going on here?” Well, of course he got us saying it too and now I’ve applied to that sick, prickly feeling in my throat, my brain muttering “What’s coming on here”, and putting the kettle on, and reaching for this tea, and curling up, and hunkering down, and remembering to take care of myself.

Rose Hip, Elderberry, Wild Bergamot, Echinacea, Cayenne

And I really love it with honey, and I’d probably love it with a splash of rum too. But I haven’t tried it…. yet.



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