Sparky and Twinkly




Out there in the universe somewhere far, far away, (or maybe very, very close by) live two magic rabbits named Sparky and Twinkly.

They dash through galaxies, skip through stardust, and hop along rows of stars. During one of their brave adventures on a lovely planet, Twinkly finds something very special and decides to take it with her. When they are called to rescue some friendly alien creatures, Sparky realizes that Twinkly’s treasure is more valuable than either of them had ever imagined.

Sparky and Twinkly is a rhyming story, great for reading out loud. Ages 3-7

Written and illustrated by Rachel Boult
ISBN 978-0-9812064-2-4
34 pages, full colour, 21.6cm x 21.6cm (8.5” x 8.5”)


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